I made a few sketches from my trip to Cornwall, most of them were of Frankie, our model for the week, wondering around a pretty little bay:


I made one of the sketches I did into an embroidery but I am not so happy with it and am thinking of redoing it from another drawing I made from the original sketch:


In the second drawing the lines are made from words, they are all the sounds I could hear as I walked down to the bay, just ordinary sounds but not ones I normally hear living in a noisy city. I haven’t embroidered words before and I like the idea of them being entwined with the lines I have drawn. It makes me think of Lewis Carroll, Carl Andre and Sally Schuh who I wrote about in my June contemporary drawing blog.

One afternoon it rained and Frankie modelled for us in the studio. I made a couple of small portraits:


Currently I am working on my most ambitious embroidery so far. I am planning another as I make this one, both taken from drawings I made using the monoprinting method.


A piece of paper is laid onto an inked surface and the pressure of the pencil lifts the ink onto the paper enhancing the line. It also picks up patches of ink which add texture to the drawing. I am about 2/3 the way through the first one, making hundreds of tiny stitches of different coloured thread to replicate the texture of the ink, it is a very long process. If they are a success ( I do hope so) I will be showing them at the Brighton Art Fair in September:

I have some work at the Artwave West Gallery in Dorset at the moment, in their summer show which will be on until September 26th.


Finally, my favourite watercolour drawings from the studio this month:

It is possible I may not post a blog in August as I am away towards the end of the August and beginning of September. Hopefully I will have some drawings from my travels for  Septembers post as well as the 2 new embroideries.


About Shelley Morrow

Since 2011 I have been predominantly a figurative artist with an interest in conveying expression, movement and gesture. I take the drawings I make and explore them through various processes, particularly embroidery, textiles and etchings. I graduated with a BA in Fine Art at Camberwell School of Art in 1990 and currently taking my MA in Fine Art at Brighton University. I also work at Draw in Brighton, running and teaching Life Drawing sessions
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