January 2016

The New Year is often a time for reflection and thinking about the future, making plans to improve our lives. Whilst I have been working on my latest embroidery project, I have been listening to documentaries about sustainable fashion and textiles and was shocked to find out how much damage the industry is causing our planet. Not only that, cotton farmers and textile workers live in great hardship and it has made me think about what I can do to help. Textile waste is a serious environmental threat and although the small efforts of one person changing their habits to something more environmentally aware may be a drop in the ocean, if I, as a consumer don’t change, then I cannot expect the industry to change. So I am going to take on board the words of Vivienne Westwood ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last’ and will make use of the materials I have accumulated and be more conscientious about the materials I buy.

I will also look at the materials I draw with and on. I use far too much paper and if I think about how much waste I can reduce, it could lead to new and exciting work.

And so for the past, here are some drawings from December drawn in Acrylic Ink using the dropper from the bottle:

A couple of new textile pieces, ‘Remaking Amy’ is an appliqué, discharged black cotton on organic canvas with added watercolour. ‘Shroud’ is a chalk drawing on black cotton with areas discharged to form the figure.

And some images of a work in progress. Hand embroidered, satin stitch on cotton:

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and thank you for reading my blog.



About Shelley Morrow

Since 2011 I have been predominantly a figurative artist with an interest in conveying expression, movement and gesture. I take the drawings I make and explore them through various processes, particularly embroidery, textiles and etchings. I graduated with a BA in Fine Art at Camberwell School of Art in 1990 and currently taking my MA in Fine Art at Brighton University. I also work at Draw in Brighton, running and teaching Life Drawing sessions
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